Giving Thanks 2010

It's that time of year, so I figured I should do my part and offer thanks to all those who deserve it.

First and foremost, to my wife, for not only being understanding of long work hours but also encouraging me to then spend more time writing, both here on the blog and creatively via the class I'm taking. She truly is perfect for me - I'm a lucky guy.

To Ruby, whom we lost in the spring after her short battle with cancer. I'm thankful for those seven and a half years we had together, even if it wasn't long enough.

To our vet, who was fantastic in helping us through a very rough time and making this as smooth as possible.

To our new pup, Misaki, who came into our life at just the right time and brought just the right amount of perfection.

To Sanshou Shibas, who raised a very polite, very well mannered, and a relatively well trained Shiba for us to love in her retirement from the show ring.

To my coworkers at the day job, so I don't have to go through all of that by myself.

To the community of Shibas and their owned people I've discovered via blogs and Twitter. Misaki may be perfect, but it's still fun to "commiserate" about the fun stuff.

To the community of writers I've found in the same place. These writers, published, non-published, struggling, and just starting out, inspire me to keep chasing the dream as well.

To the "interesting" people I come across and deal with in the course of daily life, so I have something to suddenly write about when I think the well is dry for the day.

To the fantastic network of chefs and cooks throughout the city of Portland, who make fantastic food to make our day.

To all the farmers who toil to bring products to the local farmer's markets, which I enjoy like I used to enjoy a trip to Toys R Us when I was little.

To all the vendors and companies I thanked in 2009 - ditto for 2010.

To each and everyone one of the people mentioned here, and all those I probably missed, thank you again for all that you do. Know it's not forgotten.

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