Feline Fight Night 2010

When our cats wrestle it can be quite disturbing. For one thing, they don't all seem to be playing by the same rules.

Lilo doesn't have claws but does use her teeth. Until she came into the house the other two never used teeth - now they do. Of course, she is routinely the instigator too, despite being half the size of Sera and a third of the size of Moochie.

Moochie, just chillin' on the table. Lilo, starting stuff with a push to the shoulder.

Moochie respects the fact Lilo doesn't have claws so doesn't use his own when wrestling with her. Sera respects nothing.

Lilo threatening a punch and bite.

Moochie, not to be outdone, using his claws a little bit.

Moochie won't use excessive force with Sera; she has no compunction about attempting to slash a throat with her own razor blades.

Despite the fact Misaki gives numerous growls as warnings and bares her teeth when the cats get too annoying, they pay her no mind. They honestly don't seem to think she is a threat to them in any way whatsoever, despite the fact she could bite them if she wanted (but she won't, because she's a good dog).

Misaki guarding her vast array of toys, daring someone to come close.

It's funny, also, how the fighting starts. It almost always begins with excessive cleaning of one cat by another.

Moochie cleaning Lilo's head in the sun.

Moochie licking Sera's ear. See who else is an instigator?

And evolves into this.

Sera does not look pleased at all.

Sera getting ready to turn the tables and draw blood, which she does quite often.

Of course, sometimes there are simple confrontations, but in the oddest of places.

Moochie causing trouble in our bathroom.

Moochie attacking by his bathroom. Isn't Sera's tummy pretty?

And sometimes, one of them will just kick back, crack open a cold one, and watch the show. As Mom and Dad in the house, that's what we do.

Lilo is the bump under the blanket Sera is pouncing on. Misaki just watches, patiently waiting to get her blanket back.

Moochie stretched out and batting at Lilo while Sera calmly waits for an opening.

Sometimes they will just choose to wrestle or menace a foreign object all on their own. Scary.

If those squirrels were this ball, Misaki would eat them all up!

With the level of violence in this house you would think they grew up playing Resident Evil. Maybe it's all the rap music.

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