Class Begins Today

So while I never really got any answers to my questions about the value of online writing classes, I signed up for one anyway.

And while when I did so it seemed like the beginning was a ways out, the tricky thing about dates is anything in the future always becomes now at some point. Today is that day.

I have to be honest, I'm a little freaked out. I mean, sure, it's a community school class online through a the local community college. And no, I don't get a grade for it or really anything else other than a yes, you took it, when it's all over. No one will care if I do well or not, and in fact it's more of an exercise than anything else anyway. I will get out of it what I choose to put into it and demand of it, as little or as much as that ends up being.

Still, it freaks me out a bit. I haven't attended a class that had any meaning to me since my last week in school at the University of Oregon, which was, well, a while ago. I'm not used to being a student, I have no idea what to really expect, I don't know how an online writing class works, and inexplicably I'm sitting here wondering if what I do will be good enough.

And if it's not, by whatever standards that are either imposed on me or by me, then what?

Wifey tells me - and I will admit this is probably true - I'm putting too much pressure on myself and I will have fun and learn lots.

Intuitively I know this to be true, yet still...

It's just been a long time since I had a first day of class.

If you had asked me at my time of graduation from the green and yellow if I'd ever be back in school I would have said I doubt it. Now, over 10 years later, not only am I in class again but I'm starting to really think about it again. You know, if I could afford it and if I could make the time for it in my already very hectic schedule of working two jobs, loving my family, and doing my own writing (like this blog).

It'll probably be great, but it's that sense of the unknown, the same unknown that was always there on a first day of class, a small sense of trepidation lingering in the back of my mind, that has me being a bit cautious. Will I be able to keep up? Will anything else suffer for me to get assignments done?

Who knows. We shall see.

At least my family is rooting for me!

Misaki says "Ganbatte Dad!"

Thanks pups! So to my wife, the dog, the cats, and everyone else who has offered the encouragement, let's see what happens next.

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