Some things I write I like more than others, and other things I write simply have more meaning. These are those stories - a Greatest Hits, if you will.

Ruby was our Akita, half American and half Japanese, who was taken us way too early by cancer at age 7. She was neurotic and a little afraid of everything, but also one of the biggest sweethearts ever once you got to know her.


Serendipity: In Memoriam

Sera was also taken from us way too early, at only age 9. She was Moochie's twin sister and without a doubt she ran the house with an iron paw. An iron paw with razor sharp claws.

At one point in my life I weighed in at 231 pounds. I got that down to 200-ish where I stagnated for a couple years, but that was still too heavy. In February of 2012 weighed 207 and decided to get serious about getting healthier, and this series of posts is a little bit of documentation of some of the things I learned along the way. The number in the graphic above represents how far I've come since then.

Some places leave you speechless and for me Crater Lake, Oregon was that place. It took me over 30 years of living in this state to finally make it there. The pictures cannot do this national treasure justice.

My wife is Japanese and back in 2008 we took a trip to visit some of her family. It's hard to fit an entire country into 10 days (spoiler - we didn't even try), but as someone who graduated with a degree in Japanese  and had spent years studying the culture it was amazing. I didn't write about the trip at the time, but after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 I wrote this post as a homage to the country and to do a small part to encourage people to give what they could to the cause of rebuilding. We need to go back.


On this blog you will read a lot about restaurants we visit and local products we use, but the truth is we actually cook 90+% of our meals at home. You should see the stack of recipe printouts from the internet we have to go along with a shelf full of cookbooks. These are some of the more fun/unique things we've tried and many of them have become staples. The list below will be periodically updated and the link keys off a tag, so any new recipe tagged with cooking will show up when you click through.

Cookie Cake Pie (yes, really)

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