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Hi! My name is Misaki and I'm a nine-year-old Shiba (What is a Shiba? Go here!) and while I'm also the true brains behind this outfit I will also be your host to all the dog-friendly activities discussed on this blog.

First a little about me. I was born in Japan (really, I'm Japanese!) and came to the U.S. as a puppy when I was bought by Sanshou Shibas, based just outside of Bend, Oregon. There I lived a jet-setting life, traveling around to dog shows all over the United States. I loved the travel and meeting new people, but the shows themselves were not for me. Japanese Shibas tend to have a larger frame and broader shoulders than their American brethren (the opposite of American v. Japanese Akitas), so I didn't do well in the judging because I was bigger than everyone else (lean and mean and within the confines of the standard, but an aberration to the naked eye I guess). Whatever. Like what humans think of me matters. They can't resist my cute, I know that. After a couple years of that I had two litters of puppies before my official retirement at age six. That's when I was adopted by my current humans and moved to Portland, where it's much less sunny and it never snows, two things I kind of miss about central Oregon. 

On the plus side these humans are super-easy to manipulate with my Shiba Mind Control and I get everything I want (well, all humans are easy, but these two...it's like taking kibble from a puppy). 

Oh! Before I forget, I also have my own blog on tumblr:

And my own Twitter account (@misakishiba):

Dad does my typing per my very precise instructions. He will occasionally mess it up, as humans are so inclined at times.

But, you may be asking, what am I doing HERE, on Dad's blog? Well, besides being awesome you will see me in many of the posts, especially all the ones about hiking: 

Me on the way up to Ramona Falls on Mt. Hood, looking down on my humans.

And I'll also be putting in my two cents on the Portland dining scene when talking about the places that are dog-friendly. Contrary to popular belief, Portland isn't quite as dog-friendly as you might think, especially when it comes to dining with your humans.

Chilling at Rex Hill Winery while the humans drink poisonous grapes. Yuck.

Here are some of the eateries I officially give the Misaki Shiba Stamp of Approval!

Here is a short list of dining establishments WITH outdoor seating that have told my humans I am not allowed. Really? Yet they allow kids to run around unsupervised? I'm way better behaved than any child, usually just curling up under Mom's chair and people-watching. Have you ever done that? People are ridiculous. It's entertaining. Anyway, I can't do that at:

Irving Street Kitchen

Questions or comments? Email me at misakishiba at gmail dot com.

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