There are all sorts of other places I'm on the net - here's a sampling.



Follow me on Twitter @mynwexperience where I promise to talk way too much about food, beer, writing and Misaki. Sometimes sports, books, travel and other cool stuff.



I created this tumblr for mobile uploads of things that fascinate me, be it food, landmarks, Portlandia or really anything else with a local link to it.


This tumblr is all things Bengal - Moochie, Lilo and our dear, departed Sera.



See what I'm drinking on Untappd. I should find a place where I could list all the bottles currently on hand, too - that seems to be growing at a greater pace than my consumption. On one hand that means I'm not an alcoholic, but on the other hand it means I have no concept of pacing.



See what I'm reading on Goodreads. I try to hit a book a week...can't be a good writer if I'm not also a voracious reader. Wait, is one a week voracious? Can we get a ruling on that?


And you can always email me.

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