Pac-10 Football: 10/31 Games

Not sure if you have heard yet, but Oregon is hosting USC this weekend. For some reason, people think it's a big game or something.

Gotta say, it's sad to hear OSU quarterback Lyle Moevao's senior season is over before it began. Coming off shoulder surgery he played one snap so far I can recall (overthrowing someone in the end zone while Sean Canfield got some blood taken care of), and then this week a lineman fell on his foot in practice. Lyle is having surgery soon (today, maybe?) for injured ligaments in the foot, so his college career is over if a desperate plea to the NCAA for more eligibility doesn't work (and they rarely do.)

Time - Game - Channel

12:30 - #28 California @ Arizona State - ABC
1 - UCLA @ Oregon State - Fox Sports NW*
4:30 - Washington State @ #25 Notre Dame - NBC
5 - #4 USC @ #10 Oregon - ABC
Noon - San Jose State @ #6 Boise State - ESPN360.com
Notice that asterisk? You won't be able to watch the OSU game at 1 - it's being tape delayed on Fox Sports Northwest at 3:30pm. Fox wanted the game then, but OSU wanted it at 1 because of homecoming activities and so families could get home after the game for Halloween. How nice. Fox didn't want to televise the game at one, so apparently this is the compromise.
So want to know what's so important that Fox Sports Northwest can't just show the game at 1pm, live?
Well, at 10:30 am they are showing the Missouri at Colorado game. That's all well and good, but I thought the whole idea of regional networks for Fox was that the people in a certain region would get their local games - am I wrong on this? FSNW covers Oregon, Washington, and Idaho (sometimes we jokingly call it Fox Sports Seattle), and there is another network that would cover Colorado (Fox Sports Rocky Mountain) and another one for Missouri (Fox Sports Kansas City or Fox Sports Midwest).
Sure there might be Missouri or Colorado fans in the NW, but the vast majority would probably rather see the UCLA-Oregon State game live.
And Fox Sports is already sending a crew to record and commentate the game (otherwise they wouldn't show it all), so really, what the hell guys?
Ooh, before I forget, you have to hear what comes on after that so important to the Northwest Big 12 game: Washington State Cougars All Access at 2, Running With the Pac (interviews and highlights) at 2:30, and Seahawks All Access at 3. All three of these shows are replayed multiple times a week and, frankly, aren't very good even when they premiere. None of them would draw near the ratings as a live college football telecast from the NW market.
Maybe I'm missing something here, but it seems like someone isn't seeing the big picture here.
I'll Be Watching: I'll have the ASU-Cal game on TV with the sound off starting at 1, when the OSU game will be on the radio. At 3:30 we'll switch to the telecast of the OSU game and watch that, flipping to the Oregon game when that's over. Unfortunately it looks like we'll be missing Wazzu-Notre Dame this week. That's too bad. I mean, who doesn't drop everything to watch ND, right? And that Wazzu...they are amazing. Who am I kidding? This game will be horrible anyway.
Predictions: Leaving the big game pick for last...Boise State has another home game against a pansy WAC opponent, so I'll take the Broncos...Washington State sucks, so ND is the pick here...UCLA is a team that is a complete mess with a porous defense and bad offense - Oregon State should rip them to shreds...Will Cal get back on track this week, or will Arizona State knock them around? I'm going to take a risk here - I think Jahvid Best has a big game. Cal...Oregon and USC should be a good game, but as I've been saying all season these Trojans are not as good as teams past. They don't dominate as much, they let teams back into games, and they don't have a killer instinct. Oregon is my pick. However, please don't let anyone tell you Jeremiah Masoli's running from the quarterback position will have anything to do with it. He couldn't move laterally at all last week, so unless something magic happened, he's not much of a threat.

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