Pac-10 Football: 10/10 Aftermath

Wins: Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Arizona State

Losses: UCLA, Stanford, Arizona, Washington State

Prediction Results: 4-0

Season To Date: 18-7

Disappointments: Oregon scored zero points in the first half against UCLA? That was sad - they didn't look good at all under Nate Costa at quarterback. Then the second half started...To be real honest, that's the only disappointment I have from this past weekend, unless you count the fact the Oregon State-Stanford looked much closer in the final score the game actually was. People who didn't see it will think it was close; it wasn't.

Surprises: I'm not surprised Oregon State handed Stanford their first Pac-10 loss, but I'm shocked they came out and basically handed the Cardinal their asses in the first half. Jacquizz Rodgers basically did whatever he wanted. Beaver fans, can I get a "More Wildcat!"?...I'm not surprised Washington beat Arizona even if it took some miracle plays at the end, but I'm surprised my prognostication was right on, with me saying it was so close to call I'd take Zona if it was there. Vegas gives three points for home-field, right? And the final score was a three-point difference. Just saying.

AP, USA Today Rankings

USC - 6, 5
Oregon - 13, 16
Arizona - 34, NR
Oregon State - 36, 33
Stanford - 37, 33
UCLA - NR, 37

Boise State - 5, 6

Memo to the coaches: OSU just beat Stanford. Obviously the votes are cumulative of all voters (those two teams earned eight votes each), but that means some coaches voted for Stanford and not OSU, or placed Stanford higher than OSU. And as for giving UCLA votes and not Zona? Really? Actually, why should Zona get votes anyway, after they just lost in Washington? They are decent, but thinking they are top 25? (Remember, votes are earned on a 1-25 ranking...no one ranked Zona 34th, only 1-25.)

Reminder - Boise plays at Tulsa Wednesday night on ESPN. That should be interesting...for a quarter. A half at the most.

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