Pac-10 Football: 10/17 Aftermath

Wins: USC, California, Arizona, Arizona State

Losses: UCLA, Stanford, Washington

Prediction Results: 4-0

Season to Date: 22-7

Disappointments: I'm disappointed the Arizona-Stanford game was not on TV. The Washington game was decent and the USC game kept my attention, but the Cal game was a blowout - and none of those games were better than the Zona-Stanford game. Not only was it close but it was high scoring - 43-38 - and featured Arizona scoring two TDs in the fourth quarter to win the game. Stanford's Andrew Luck and Zona's Nick Foles combined to throw for 838 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 1 interception on a mind-boggling 61-86 passing - Foles was 40-51 on his own. That's a game I want to watch. The league and the networks should get me to decide which games should be on TV - well, if it can't be all of them, which apparently it can't.

Surprises: I'm surprised the Golden Domers were able to keep it so close with USC, but then again that's how SC works. Way, way too often they allow teams to come back late in games - it's almost like they get bored. I don't think USC is unbeatable or anything, but they are clearly on another level than Notre Dame.

AP, USA Today Rankings

USC - 4, 4
Oregon - 12, 14
Arizona - 32, 40
California - 33, 40
Oregon State - 35, 37

Boise State - 6, 5

So the first BCS rankings came out this week...and USC is 7th while Boise State is 4th. Really? The computers really think Boise State is more of a national title contender than USC? Can we please make this game happen so we can rectify a mess like that? USC would mop the field with the Broncos.


Adding this as a weekly tidbit because now is the time when they start meaning something. A team needs six wins overall to be bowl eligible. (Conference record, overall record)

Oregon - 3-0, 5-1
USC - 2-1, 5-1
Oregon State - 2-1, 4-2
Arizona - 2-1, 4-2
Arizona State - 2-1, 4-2
Stanford - 3-2, 4-3
Washington - 2-2, 3-4
California - 1-2, 4-2
UCLA - 0-3, 3-3
Washington State - 0-4, 1-5

Remember when UCLA was threatening to be good? So much for that...


  1. Hate to break it to you, but - at least in Vancouver - Zona - Stanford I THINK was on Versus or Fox Sports Network. One of the two.

  2. Dammit! I know it wasn't on FSN...we got Kansas-Nebraska. If I missed it, I should be ashamed. :)