Pac-10 Football: 10/10 Games

Where do you start? I feel like I should make some comments on Oregon's LeGarrette Blount situation, since that is my alma mater. Personally, I think the University should stick to their decision, but at the same time it does seem like they overreacted just a tad. What Blount did is rephrensible, but a whole season for a punch is a punishment I've never seen at any level. That said, the school should have said the suspension was "indefinite" - this whole he's gone forever oh wait he's coming back thing is a joke. The school should get torched in the media for it, and frankly I'm surprised it really hasn't. Is the media waiting for the game when he does come back? I'm confused, knowing how the media works and all.

Oh well, no one asked me what I thought. On to the games!

Time - Game - Channel

12:30 - #13 Oregon @ UCLA - ABC
2 - Arizona State @ Washington State - No TV
4 - #29 Stanford @ Oregon State - Fox Sports Northwest
7:15 - #35 Arizona @ Washington - Fox Sports Northwest
USC and Cal are both off this week. Probably a good thing for Cal, after they have keeled over and died the last two weeks against Oregon and SC. On the flip side USC is starting to click and I don't think there is a better defensive player in the country than safety Taylor Mays.
Boise State is kind of off - they play next Wednesday, so no Saturday game this week or next week.
I'll Be Watching: The spacing of the games this week is fantastic. I'll be watching the Oregon game - weather is going to suck this weekend, so probably no hiking, though you never know. Then the OSU game starts right about the time Oregon is over, and when that game finishes a very intriguing Zona-UW tilt will be on. I love Saturdays in the fall.
Predictions: I'll take Oregon over UCLA - the Bruins are okay but do they have the defense to stop Oregon? However, Jeremiah Masoli is out, so the Ducks need their backup QB Nate Costa to make some plays...Arizona State isn't that great, but they are still a heck of a lot better than Wazzu...I'm taking Oregon State at home over Stanford to give the Cardinal their first Pac-10 loss - the Beavers might have finally found a couple of defensive playmakers last week to complement the Rodgers brothers on offense...I'll also take Washington over Zona because they are at home. If the game was in Tucson, I'd take Zona - that's how close I expect this game to be.

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