Pac-10 Football: 10/3 Aftermath

Wins: Stanford, Oregon State, Oregon, USC

Losses: UCLA, Washington, Arizona State, Washington State, California

Prediction Results: 4-2

Disappointments: Boise State only won by 18?...Cal is either a disappointment or a surprise, I don't know which. I'm sure they aren't as bad as they have looked the past two weeks getting blown out by Oregon and SC, but they definitely aren't good either. This obviously makes Minnesota, who made a big deal out of how tight the game was with Cal, look bad...I was sorely disappointed to see the Huskies fall in overtime to Notre Dame, but at the same time they had a good day...Arizona State - a Dennis Erickson team - isn't very good at all. There is still all the penalties you come to expect and love, but where on his Oregon State and Miami teams it wasn't an issue because the team was so good it's a problem for these weak Sun Devils.

Surprises: Still surprised about Cal. They couldn't put up at least a little bit of a fight? Is it because SC found their mojo, or can the Bears just not hack it in the Pac-10?...I guess Oregon State handling ASU with little trouble is a mild surprise since it had been 40 years and all since they won in Tempe- not that it means a thing to the current roster, of course, since they've only been around at most five years. At most. It was bound to happen someday - Coach Mike Riley was right about that.

AP, USA Today Rankings

USC - 7, 7
Oregon - 13, 17
Stanford - 29, 30
Arizona - 35, 35

Boise State - 6, 6

Stanford not being ranked at this point (4-1 overall, 3-0 in the Pac-10) is a joke. Oklahoma, on the other hand, is ranked at 2-2. Just saying. A Pac-10 team loses early against tough competition and they get bounced from the polls just as fast as the votes can be turned in...but a Big 12 team like Oklahoma? They might still be ranked if they go 2-4. I bet Stanford, today, would beat the majority of those one-loss teams in the rankings - Penn State, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, BYU, Nebraska...

Yeah, weird - that doesn't make sense to me either.

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