Pac-10 Football: 10/24 Aftermath

Wins: Oregon, California, Arizona, USC, Stanford...Boise State

Losses: Washington, Washington State, UCLA, Oregon State, Arizona State

Prediction Results: 4-2

Season to Date: 26-9

Disappointments: Oregon State had their chances to beat SC. Usually you have to play a perfect game to beat the Trojans, especially in Los Angeles, but OSU managed only three field goals in the first half (and missed another) despite trips to the red zone. Running back Jacquizz Rodgers ran over SC again, but he missed the entire second quarter. Usually smart lineback Keaton Kristick hit Matt Barkley late on a play were OSU got an interception, but was nullified by the penalty; SC went down the field and scored a touchdown on that drive. If I recall right, Kristick was also called for a pass interference penalty on third down of another drive, giving SC a first down. Give SC credit for extending their final drive and running out the clock every time they needed to, but OSU lost this game just as much as SC won it. All that said, these Beavers are much better than their 4-3 record. Look at their losses: USC, Arizona, Cincinnati. All three of those teams are ranked in the top 25, and SC and Cincy are ranked in the top 7. Their next four games are at home against UCLA, @ Cal, home against UW, and @ Wazzu - three wins in there should be the target. That would put the Beavers at 7-4 overall heading into the Civil War game. Which could be epic.

Surprises: Um, what happened to the Washington Huskies? Does anyone think that team that rolled over and died to Oregon is the same one who challenged LSU, Notre Dame, and beat SC? Nope, didn't think so. I have no idea what the deal is with the Huskies but their defense was not only porous on Saturday but it was also pathetic. No matter how they finish the season they will have done better than last year, but has the new car smell worn off Steve Sarkisian, at least for 2009?

AP, USA Today, BCS Rankings

USC - 4, 4, 5
Oregon - 10, 12, 10
Arizona - 23, 24, 20
California - 28, 29, 24

Boise State - 6, 5, 7

Added the BCS rankings in this week, just for the hell of it. If nothing else, the BCS recognizes how good Zona is better than the standard voting polls.

Pac-10 Standings

A team needs six wins overall to be bowl eligible. (Conference record, overall record)

Oregon - 4-0, 6-1
USC - 3-1, 6-1
Arizona - 3-1, 5-2
Stanford - 4-2, 5-3
California - 2-2, 5-2
Oregon State - 2-2, 4-3
Arizona State - 2-2, 4-3
Washington - 2-3, 3-5
UCLA - 0-4, 3-4
Washington State - 0-5, 1-6

With wins this past weekend, Oregon and USC became bowl-eligible. Surprisingly, Wazzu is not quite yet eliminated from bowl competition - give it another week.


  1. Has Wazzu even shown up to a game this season?

  2. I think against a lower division school...they have one win. :)