Time For Your Closeup: Misaki

Over the past couple weeks I've brought you closeup pictures of all three kitties (links at the bottom of this post), and now it's time for Misaki the Shiba. Her face is so expressive - and full of the cute. (Yes, cute is also a noun in our household of fur, much like "crazy.")

She is also always earnest, like in the picture below. Sometimes she so wants to be doing something she can't contain herself. And if her mom and dad are being lazy when she wants to be doing something, she makes her wants known.

Now what? Take my picture? Why? What are you going to do with it?

Misaki also loves a good pillow. She has a few spots throughout the house that are now "hers" with a blanket or some kind of bed (or chair) and in each of those spots she also has a pillow. I've never before seen a dog use a pillow like a human, but Misaki does. She'll stretch out with her head on the pillow and be snoring within minutes (um, no, not snoring - I mean "making cute sounds").

Think I'll just lay my head down here...

It's pretty clear the normal goings-on of people is somewhat perplexing to Misaki. Why would you leave the house for nine hours every day when you could show her off around the neighborhood or just nuzzle up to that lush coat of fur? Come to think of it, that's a good question...

Seriously, all you need is right here.

Our little red ninja (she can literally make no sound at all if she chooses - she just appears, with a cold nose on your calf) is also quite interested in the comings and goings of her adopted Bengal brethren. She doesn't necessarily want to be involved, but she does need to know what they are doing at all times. Those three are also prone to random outbursts of violence, usually towards each other (that's another, future blog post), and when that happens Misaki has to be right there, checking things out.

What are those crazy Bengals up to?!

I love Misaki's coloring. The "red" Shibas are the most popular, but some are more or less red than others (and yes, "red" is actually orange). Misaki has very definite lines between her red and white markings, and soft, chocolate-brown eyes that sparkle in the sun.

Pet me?

Not only is she super pretty, but she's also very symmetrical. It's no wonder she spent time as a show dog, though it's also no wonder she didn't really like it, since she has to be the one dictating - not taking orders.

One of Wifey's favorite aspects of Misaki's markings is the black around her eyes. Not all Shibas have this and some that do have it incompletely, but Misaki's "eyeliner" perfectly encircles each eye in even lines. It's a nice complement to the cream colored "eyelash" markings she has that curl up and out from the inside corner of each eye.

Nope, this is natural - like that guy on LOST. None of that crazy makeup stuff for me.

Get this puppy outside and that tongue comes out. She loves running around on leash - she would probably love running around off leash too, but that's not going to happen outside of her backyard. As she powerwalks - our pups doesn't like to run or take her time and apparently has deemed herself our trainer, as if we needed another one in the house - her little curly tail wags from side to side.

When she's super-excited in the house she'll come running up to us with a giant grin on her face, mouth half open, tongue hanging out, showing all of her teeth, and I almost never know what she wants. It's usually pretty random and I think it's that she usually wants to go lay in the sun or go on a walk, but sometimes I just have no idea. That's okay, we love having a happy puppy.

And I love the beach!

It's simply amazing how fast Misaki can fall asleep. She'll lay down and be *making cute sounds* before I even sit down in a chair. One second the eyes are open and looking around...


And the next, asleep!

Cute sounds...cute sounds...cute sounds...

That's our pups!

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  1. so adorbz and full of the cute.

    /sorry for the internet speak, but it's true

  2. Well thank you. :) Taro, you are pretty dang cute yourself.

  3. the last picture is... it's just too much cuteness to handle. ahhhh!!!