Time For Your Closeup: Serendipity

Tuesday it was Lilo's turn, but now it's time for Serendipity's - or Sera, as we call her - closeup!

This is Sera. She's an eight-year-old Bengal cat (EIGHT TODAY - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SERA AND TWIN BROTHER MOOCHIE!) of the marble persuasion and Moochie is her twin brother. She has an intensity about her the other two don't. We're not quite sure exactly what the intensity is all about, but it's either something along the lines of she can't believe the stupidity and inadequacy of her humans, or it's all about her being Queen of the World and wanting everything her way. Quite possibly it's both.

(As always, you can get larger versions of this pictures by clicking on the picture here. Depending on your browser it may resize it to fit the screen and clicking again will get you full size .jpg. If you really want the feeling of close-up, try it.)

Sera also has an unique ability to look straight through your soul with complete contempt for your existence. In other words, like most cats. Just be sure you don't forget to fill the food dish.

But before you go thinking bad thoughts about this kitty, you should also know her absolutely assuredness in her beauty really is justified. She knows the golden tips of her fur and her marbled design make her something to be admired.

And she's also quite loving. When we sit down on the couch she's there to be on your lap literally within seconds. And if one of us gets up to go to the bathroom she'll steal the warm spot before the human in question makes it all the way vertical. Like Lilo, she does the same thing when you sit down at the computer as well.

Sera also has quite the little purr box and loves to be skritched under her chin. She also has a spot around her hip that if you skritch it just right she starts licking her lips uncontrollably. Oh boy, she won't want me telling the world that - she considers it an embarrassment to her superb self control.

Ah! She's judging me with contempt now!

By now you may have noticed Sera has quite a unique pattern in the marbling on her forehead. Let's take an even closer look.

Check it out - it looks like a heart! I also love the small patch just above her nose that stands out extra shiny in this picture. In that section the fur inexplicably lays towards her nose, while just about everything else lays from nose to tail.

Believe it or not, this contemplative kitty is the same one I've warned my dear readers about in the past because she has 16 razor blades at the end of her paws. Does that look the face of a kitty who could slash a throat and go have a snack? Oh, it does? Never mind then.

The thing Sera hates most is to be interrupted while she is cleaning herself - like in this picture above. I probably have a scar from what happened after I took this one.

We love her anyway, even with the claws and looks of contempt while perched up high and judging us from her ivory tower (more on the ivory tower in a few days).

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