A Return to Apizza Scholls

Last year we went to Apizza Scholls for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it, deeming it not a classic interpretation but fantastic nonetheless.

A short time ago we went back, this time bring the camera. We got there right at 5pm, a little later than we wanted (especially after the line from last year). Again, it was middle of the week, so we thought it would be pretty busy. Surprisingly, not so. We were the third party to be seated and the entire time we were there (until about 6pm) the dining room did not fill up.

In fact, even the host seemed a little surprised it wasn't busier. It wasn't a particularly hot or cold day, so I wouldn't think that was a factor - perhaps it was just an anomaly. Fine by me.

We decided to do a split pie this time, ordering a half Sausage & Peppers and half Pig & Pineapple. And yes, I had to get another pint of the Anchor Porter - it's an excellent beer.

In case you need reminding, these pizzas are huge. We didn't measure, but it has to be bigger than 20 inches and cut into eight pieces. Depending on how hungry you are it can probably feed four people. For us we each ate two slices for dinner, then took half home and had two small lunches each. Six meals for $24? That's not bad at all.

The Pig & Pineapple half was pretty decent. Apizza Scholls' sauce is very flavorful and the crust is excellent, so the toppings are really little more than icing on the cake, anyway, and these were solid. I grew up loving this combination, but I think I've come to the realization it's just not as good as many other things to me anymore. Kind of sad in retrospect, but tastes change. It just is.

The Sausage & Peppers side had spectacular flavor. Along with the bold sauce, the red peppers were marinated (maybe even pickled?) to bring an excellent tartness and housemade sausage is one of the better I've ever had. The fennel seeds and other flavors really meld together nicely both within the sausage itself and the pizza as a whole. Next time we go I'm going to be hard-pressed to order something other than this as a whole pie.

Now, this final picture below is what is apparently called in the business an "upskirt shot."

The purpose here is to check for even charring on the crust. Too much black is bad, as well as not enough.

Why is it called an upskirt shot? I suppose it could be a subtle play on the words, in reference to lifting up and looking underneath the pizza, something few people do.

My personal theory is it was invented by someone hoping to bring more hits to their blog. As we all know, anything even subtley mentioning porn on the internet can blow up in a big way. Hey, maybe this post will be my own little experiment...will using the words "upskirt shot" drive my traffic through the roof?

Doesn't matter to me, honestly. What does matter is how very, very good Apizza Scholls is at making pizzas. The pie was again fantastic and flavorful, and it's one I highly recommend. Also good to see that two separate visits both produced high quality food and service - gotta love consistency.

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