Misaki Loves Bengals!

Our cute little puppy is a fan of all things Bengal. That doesn't just include her adopted brothers and sisters, like Moochie here though.

Moochie, chilling on a beach chair in the living room. What, is that NOT what they are for?!

Oh no, she's apparently a fan of the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals as well. What a coincidence, since that's Mom and Dad's favorite team too!

Wifey put a Chad Johnson (ney, Ochocinco) jersey on Misaki last weekend so she could help us cheer on the Bengals. Doesn't she look excited?!

Misaki: Seriously? You are being serious now?

Hmm, maybe not so much excited as "I guess I'll put up with this because you feed me..."

So why did we do this? In all honesty, we thought she might like it. Ruby, our Akita, loved the football jerseys. I was a Michael Vick fan when he came into the NFL, so I had a red Vick Falcons jersey. After the whole being-arrested-for-dog-fighting thing there wasn't much chance I'd wear the jersey anymore, so as a joke we put it on Ruby. I thought for sure she'd hate it, but quite the opposite. She got a big grin on her face and ran all over the house, super excited.

We did take copious pictures of this, but sadly those pictures reside on a hard drive in a computer that will no longer boot up. Kids, this is where I recommend you do regular backups on your computers.

Misaki, though, just doesn't seem to really be getting into the football spirit.

Misaki: Oh lord, is this over yet?

So why a Chad jersey? Well, it goes back to the 2000 college football season. That was the first season Wifey and I were together and the first season we had season tickets down at Oregon State. This was also the only season Chad Johnson played D-1 college football, at Oregon State, for the single greatest college football team I have ever seen (that Beaver team went 11-1 and won the Fiesta Bowl by trouncing Notre Dame). To this day I will take that team against any college football team in history - that's how good they were.

After that one season Johnson went into the draft and was taken by the Bengals. At the time we didn't really have a NFL team we felt tied to, but the memories of Johnson and his teammates at Oregon State made us bring out allegiance to Cincy, where it will likely remain even after he retires.

Misaki, though, wasn't born yet in 2000, so she missed out on all the history that led us to these pictures.

Misaki: Maybe if I don't move this will all just go away.

But, like a good pups, she humored her pack leaders. Well, for awhile anyway. Then she started to give us the Shiba stare, which basically is an intense look you can feel drilling through your skull. It's quite effective, because then we'll keep doing all sorts of things for her until one of them (or maybe it's the combination) eventually placates her.

Of course, all along, she'll start Shiba-sighing with exasperation that her humans simply can't understand the obvious. That's life with a Shiba. As a human you are destined to forever fail to meet their low (in their opinion) standards of acceptable pampering and spoiling. Hey, we DO try!

Misaki: If I squeeze my eyes shut super tight perhaps this will prove to be just a bad dream.

Yes Misaki, you can take it off now.

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  1. Ahhh poor Miss Misaki. But the boys feel for her. They HATE clothes - I once got Bear a cute Harley Davidson jacket because he has this thing bout motorcycles. I put it on him and he didn't budge one inch, he gave me the Lhasa stare (akin to the Shiba stare but only smaller). He did look cute, but sadly I removed said jacket and returned it to the pet store.