Time For Your Closeup: Lilo

I'm starting a new miniseries today - four posts of closeups. I'm obsessed with taking closeup pictures of the kids for really no purpose other than I think they look cool, but now it's time to share them.

First up on the list, Lilo the tiny spotted bengal kitty! Lilo is our adopted stray who tips the scales at six pounds. One of her favorite places in the whole house is sleeping on top of the TV receiver. Apparently it's quite warm...and this also explains why I need to vacuum it every so often.

(As always, you can get larger versions of this pictures by clicking on the picture here. Depending on your browser it may resize it to fit the screen and clicking again will get you full size .jpg. If you really want the feeling of close-up, try it.)

I love this picture mostly because of her eyes. It's outside and bright enough her irises narrowed to slits. Plus, in that light her eyes become almost aquamarine instead of their normal green/hazel.

For the most part Lilo is a happy kitty, but when she's not happy she will tell you. And the neighbors. It's usually forewarned with a look like this:

Lilo also believes her head was put on her shoulders solely to ram yours. If she's in the right mood - which is often - and you bend down to her with this look, she's liable to give you a head butt. And yes, a head butt from a six-pound cat can still hurt.

Still, she's a sweetheart, as she is coyly indicating to the camera here.

Lilo loves the sun room, where she'll lay for hours if we let her. Her favorite thing is us forgetting she's there while the temperature climbs into the upper 80s. Given that room isn't properly insulated we tend to not like this, since I'm pretty sure it jacks up the electric bill due to overuse of the air conditioning. Still, she will tell you this light properly reflects the gold flecks at the end of each piece of fur.

And here she is, passed out in the sun room on the couch, soaking up the rays.

Next up, Sera on Thursday!

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