Time For Your Closeup: Moochie

Last week I offered up closeups of Lilo and Sera, and now it's Moochie's turn.

Moochie, Sera's twin brother, is eight years old and spotted like Lilo. He also loves the camera - we joke that he must have been a model in a previous life.

Trying to act like he's sleeping and doesn't care.

That love for the camera really comes through on photos of Moochie. He has charisma, I guess you would call it, and makes eye contact. Plus, he can be extremely expressive in the looks he gives.

Oh, you want to take pictures of me? Well, I suppose...

The most interesting thing about this is the eye contact. While the other two won't always look directly at the camera, Moochie's green eyes are always on you.

We call this his "come hither" look.

I think I mentioned before that Moochie loves football. When the game comes on he's on our laps as fast as possible. The only think he seems to love more than sitting on the couch and watching football is the camera.

Oh yes, the camera loves Moochie!

He can also be a little sneaky. Moochie is the kitty most likely to be hiding under the bed and grab your foot, or to surprise one of his sisters by jumping around a corner of the couch. But the thing is that he doesn't quite get, is that if he can see you then you can see him. He absolutely believes he is always hidden, even if he's not, like this next pic.

I'm so hidden on this chair that's only a foot off the floor.

When he's not trying to hide and pounce on someone and it's a nice day, Moochie can be found in the sunroom on one of the chairs, soaking up the rays. The sunlight really captures the gold tips of his fur and the emerald in his eyes.

I am pretty damn cute, aren't I?

Occasionally Moochie also gets to go outside on the deck. We use a portable exercise pen to block off the yard and let the kitties run around. Once Moochie snuck outside on his own - we accidentally left a window open in the sun room. Instead of taking off - thankfully - he hid under the sun room and mewed mournfully. That big, big world was too much for him.

Don't believe him - that never happened. I am the master of any domain!

Here's another pic of absolute focus from the Mooch.


Unlike Sera Moochie doesn't have any special markings on his forehead, but those lines do flow all the way to his tail. In fact, the spots on his side also seem to flow in lines towards his tail - it's almost as if they aren't spots at all, but instead broken lines.

Sera has nothing on me.

Moochie loves to clean himself. All cats are naturally fastidious, but Moochie takes it to another level He loves his tail, which is proportionately longer on him that on either of his sisters. Check out those ears too - one of the most expressive parts of a cat.

Want to see my knives?

This is perhaps my favorite picture of Moochie, and the one that prompted this entire series. It's not even his whole head, but it's got a little bit of his tongue and twinkle in his eyes, almost as if he's contemplating really hard what he should do about the given situation. Which, honestly, is quite funny, because he's not much for just reacting. Most of the time he ends up waiting too long to do something, and any opportunity he may have had to take action disappears.

And this one? It just cracks me up. Moochie has a habit of falling asleep and then moving - still sleeping - into a position that pulls his mouth or eyes open. It's quite disturbing to see, actually, so of course we had to capture it with the camera.


It is a little disturbing, isn't it?

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