Taking Away the Color

Black and white photos never used to excite me, but I think that probably is because I didn't take the time to enjoy them. There is something about the removal of color from a picture that takes away the distractions (ooh - pretty colors!) and lets the viewer take in the imagery, to appreciate it more. I think - and this is by no means a professional opinion - you tend to notice the setting and contrasts so much more, the parts of the picture that make it artistic.

Our Nikon has this sweet feature where you can turn on B&W for whatever setting you have, then when you click to take a picture it will save two images - one in color and one in black and white. It's amazing how some pictures don't really catch your eye in color when the color is gone they really jump out.

Plus I like how these sometimes turn out like surveillance photos, like we caught the kids doing something bad. We probably did.

So here's a few, one of each of the kids, on a day where I'm just really tired and don't want to write too much. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? By that calculation this post is quite productive.

Ruby, the Akita, probably yawning because we bore her. Misaki does this too.

Lilo, sleeping on the TV receiver.

Sera, playing with a catnip mouse on the floor. Looks like we interrupted her and she's waiting for us to go away.

Moochie, in mid-crazy on a cat tree that doesn't fit him anymore. Not sure what he's looking at, but it's sure not the camera.

Misaki, not quite sure about what's going on at the moment. Her look says she's putting up with it, but would rather not.


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