Misaki Gets a Chair

We have this policy in our house about no dogs on the furniture. This was our plan from when we had our Akita, because 90 pound dogs tend to take up a lot of space.

With the 25 pound Misaki we are finding it increasingly harder to maintain the policy. When we first brought her home she bounded right up on the couch and the bed, but being such a good dog she came down immediately upon request and learned very quickly that was not okay.

That doesn't mean Misaki has given up. Oh no - she's always giving us the stare to hop up on the couch with us, hoping that using her Shiba Mind Control she will get her way.

It might be working.

The other day Misaki was granted her own chair in the office. We tossed her blanket over it and told her she could lay up there. At first she wouldn't even get up there on her own despite the fact it was so clear she wanted to, so we had to pick her up and put her on there. I think she thought she was being tricked and would get yelled at or something.

But this cute face? How could we yell at her?

This is Misaki's thought process with the new chair.

Are you sure this is okay?

I do look pretty damn adorable here on my throne, don't I?

I'll just take a little nap then, thank you.

Zonked out.

Why did you think it was okay to wake me up with that incessant camera clicking?!


Misaki can be a little possessive of her toys, to the point if any of the cats sniff them she'll run over and grab it out from under them, walk a few steps away, set it down, and do her trademark huffing sound at them (we think this is like us rolling our eyes).

This set of pics, we thought, were quite entertaining.

No, you can't have the ball, but thanks for asking.

I am so holding onto this, even though I'm a little sleepy.

In fact, I'll just sleep with it so you can't have it.

Misaki cracks us up.


  1. Ahh...Shibas...Zuko pretty much has free run of the house. He can sleep on the couch and the bed, we just manage the dog hair. One couch is leather so that makes it easy. We've noticed he really likes the places we sleep / sit. If we get up, he steals our spot!!

  2. aww misaki and her possessive paws. so adorable. we know all too well how hard it is to say no to those expressive eyes :)

  3. She is SO cute! But Oh no!! She's not a DUCK fan!?

  4. Zuko's Mom - That describes one of our cats, the whole stealing the warm spot thing.

    Nobuko - It's tough, I'm telling ya!

    Sharon - Sadly, no. Misaki says the yellow clashes with her fur. I have failed as a father. :(

  5. Such a good idea to give Misaki her own chair. We put Niko's chair by the window so he can look outside.