Happy Birthday Misaki!

Our little Shiba turned seven this month. What do you get the sneaky little red ninja who has everything? There are plenty of Shibas we've befriended on Twitter, so I asked them. I gotta say, we got some great answers...

Prince Zuko simply suggested "more of everything."

Taro's suggestion of her own country cracked us up. I mean, what Shiba wouldn't want that?! Misaki decided that would be a little too much work for her taste, so she chose Primitivedog's suggestion of a one-on-one adventure (Primitivedog's Tweets are protected, so no link).

Well, sort of - she said Mom and Dad could both come because someone has to hold the camera to document the cuteness while the other holds the leash.

So where to? Misaki told us she wanted to go to the beach, so without further adieu, photographic documentation of her seventh birthday excursion to Cannon Beach, in her own words!

Dad and I looking north as we cross the dune - I see birds!

The beach rocks during the week! No other crazy dogs off leash!

Wait, I don't remember this whole my-paws-sinking-in-the-wet-sand thing...I'm not sure I like this...

Me and Mom, at the north end of the beach. Tide's out!

This was not funny. Dad walked us across a tiny bit of water - it was at my ankles - to see some sea stars. The tide started coming in and he wanted to walk back. The water was up past my tummy! I refused to cross. I made Dad carry me across and got him all wet!

Oooh...sand dollar!

Sweet! This is even better than the grass I eat in the backyard!

Just chillin' while Mom and Dad take a reading break. It was kind of hot, but I didn't mind. Click on the picture for a bigger version and you can see sand on my face. :)

Mom and Dad may be sleeping. I need to be a strong guard dog. Keep those sea gulls away. Everyone is scared of this bad ass Shiba!

On the other hand, maybe I'll take a nap. Mom and Dad bore me anyway with their reading. Shouldn't we be chasing something?

Little known fact about me - waves freak me out! I already told Mom and Dad that about seven times today, yet here we are down by the water - AGAIN. Click on the picture for a bigger version to get a better look at my expression.

Am I awesome or what? Mom and Dad got me my own beach for my birthday. Yes, of course it's mine. Everything I want is mine. Why are you laughing?

No more pictures! Silly paparazzi! Why is it so important for the puppy to look at the silly rock?!

I bet you can't find me. You will have to look real hard...I'm camouflaged!

Me stealing Dad's beach towel while he reads, waiting for sunset. Actually, that's what I let him think. The towel is really mine - I just let him use it.

Okay, one picture of what I see. Sunset is about thirty minutes out - all I see is sand, water, and bright. Why don't I get Oakleys like Mom and Dad? Shiba wants!

Mom is pretty damn awesome with the camera. I'm the cutest thing ever, but this post-sunset shot of Haystack Rock with the moon up in the sky is very pretty. Again, not as pretty as me, but pretty.

This one may be even better - check out the wall of clouds, far enough out on the water the rocks are still visible and barely tall enough to eventually cover them. Mom rocks the dusk shots!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a pretty awesome birthday! Next year, though, I may want my own country. And Oakleys. Or maybe tomorrow.


Glad our little one had a good time. We did too!


  1. Happy Birthday, Misaki! Kendall's not too wild about the waves either. Looks like you had a great time at the beach.

  2. Great day! As for the paparazzi, it is the price you pay for being royalty!

  3. So true, so true...you would think she'd be used to it by now. :)

  4. Misaki is so adorable. My favorite is the shot of her head from behind... It looks like a sweet birthday. Happy Birthday Misaki!

  5. We so enjoy reading of Misaki's adventures, you are giving her a wonderful life, and we smile each time we see her. Give her a hug for us!

  6. Lucy and Ken - Of course we will! Glad you enjoy the stories and pictures!

    Anonymous - You are not alone, many people seem to like those ones the best. The only trick is to get the Shiba to sit still...which is just about impossible. :)