Pac-10 Football: 9/26 Games

The regular Pac-10 season is just about ready to kick off in full form with just about everyone playing a conference game this Saturday. If you love the Pac-10 as much as I do, I'm sure you'll be on the couch watching these games. (And if you have DirecTV and don't get Versus, I don't want to hear any whining - at least you can have NFL Sunday Ticket. The trees in my yard tell me I can't - damn trees.) All times Pacific, because I hate hearing about things in EST.

By the way, I'm using the AP rankings, not the Coach's poll. The Coach's poll is a joke because those guys don't put the proper amount of time and thought into it. That's right coaches - step it up!

Time - Game - Channel
12:30 - #6 Cal @ Oregon - ABC
4 - Arizona State @ #21 Georgia - ESPNU
4:35 - Arizona @ Oregon State - Versus
6 - #24 Washington @ Stanford - No TV
7:15 - Washington State @ #12 USC - Fox Sports Northwest

4 - #8 Boise State @ Bowling Green - ESPN360.com

ESPN360.com is about 4-5 minutes behind live action - checked this out for the Oregon game last week - but the quality is very good if you have high speed internet. Using my laptop wirelessly with my Verizon FiOS connection there were no skips in the video at all. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm still not that excited about watching things on my laptop as opposed to TV, but if that's the only option there are worse ones.

Kind of sucks we don't get to see how Washington follows up their win over USC - kind of pulling for Stanford there so the Huskies' heads don't get too big.

I'll be watching: Cal @ Oregon for sure, even though the thought of the Ducks trying to stop Jahvid Best from getting 200 yards scares the hell out of me. I don't think Oregon has a chance, but that pass offense has to get better at some point, right? I'll definitely follow that up with the Oregon State game, perhaps with the ASU game on for filler between the two Oregon ones. I'll probably have the USC-Wazzu game on after that, but really, how exciting can that possibly be? Wazzu is one of the worst teams ever and they just lost their running game. I'll either be reading with the game as background, or maybe we'll finally throw in the Wolverine movie Netflix sent us over a week ago.

Predictions: Cal over Oregon - might be messy; Georgia over ASU - the Devils don't have what it takes to win down south; Oregon State over Zona - Vegas initially had the Cats favored in Corvallis - are they high?; Stanford over Washington - if a Husky gets lost amongst the trees but no one can see it, does it really happen?; USC over Wazzu - even a recovering SC team will win this game by 30; Boise State over Bowling Green - I hate to say it, but Boise isn't going to be challenged again until their bowl game.

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