Pac-10 Football: 9/19 Games

We both love college football season. As Pac-10 alumni and huge football fans, nothing makes my fall Saturday more than to sit on the couch and watch as many games as I can. I usually have a book or a stack of magazines I read at the same time, a beer or some wine, coffee, and snacks. This year I'll probably have to get in some working out too at some point during the day, but hey, the treadmill faces a TV, so I'll deal.

One of the reasons I'm going to do this piece every Friday is because I can never find in one place when each game is on TV, so I'm sharing my research. All times are Pacific time, because that's the only one that matters.

Time - Game - Channel

9am – Cal @ Minn – ESPN
12:30 – USC @ UW – ABC
12:30 – Utah @ UO – ESPN
12:35 – UA @ Iowa – N/A
2 – SMU @ WSU – N/A
3:45 – Cincy @ OSU – FSN
6 – SJSU @ Stanford – N/A
7 – Louisiana-Monroe @ ASU – FCSP (CBS College Sports channel)
7:15 – Kstate @ UCLA - FSN

I'll be watching: I'll probably miss the morning game out doing some errands, but I'll be switching back and forth between the UW and UO games, though all things being equal I'd like to see UW keep it close. Then we'll absolutely be watching Oregon State, and probably follow it up with the UCLA game to close. Nothing like a nicely spaced day of football. If there were no errands we could watch five games in a row!!

Predictions: Cal over Min, USC over UW (though I won't be nearly as shocked as the nation will be if UW rips off the upset), Oregon over Utah, Iowa over Zona, SMU over Wazzu (the Cougars, um, are not good), Oregon State over Cincy (might be a homer pic, but I believe in the Beavs at home after being a season ticket holder for the past 10 years), Stanford over SJSU, ASU over Louisiana-Monroe, and UCLA over K-State.

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