Pac-10 Football: 9/26 Aftermath

Wins: Oregon, Arizona, Stanford, USC

Losses: California, Arizona State, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State

Prediction Results: 4-2

Disappointments: Oregon State losing at home to Arizona was a huge disappointment. Their quarterback play was better, but still needs to improve. They are doing a poor job of creating consistent space for Jacquizz Rodgers, and they really, really, really need to start forcing some turnovers on defense. Their defense is solid, but no one has stepped up as a playmaker yet. I'm not surprised Washington lost to Stanford, but I am surprised they looked so bad in doing it. And Cal - really? That's the best you could do?

Surprises: Oregon blowing Cal out of Autzen Stadium and shutting down Jahvid Best was the shock of the day. Sure, they were playing at home, but they had given no indication they could do that...wow. Washington State surprised me, actually, by only losing to USC by 21 and essentially playing them to a standstill after the first quarter. These Cougars still aren't good, but they aren't nearly as bad as they were last year (I mean, that would be impossible, right?).

AP, USA Today Rankings

USC - 7, 7
Oregon - 16, 25
California - 24, 19
UCLA - 30, 32
Arizona State - 34, NR
Stanford - 35, 34
Arizona - NR, 39

Boise State - 5, 5

These rankings are interesting...I honestly can't stand the coach's poll at all. Those guys pay no attention whatsoever. I don't know if Oregon deserves to be 16th, but looking at the rankings you would think the coaches realized Oregon won and Cal lost, but not that Oregon beat Cal, you know what I mean? I still think Boise State is ranked way too high, but they aren't going to lose any more games this season so they will never come down.

Stanford, the current Pac-10 leader? Yep, apparently - the only 2-0 team. UCLA and ASU have yet to play a conference game, and UCLA is the league's only chance at an undefeated season - good luck with that.

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