Pac-10 Football: 9/19 Aftermath

Wins: Cal, Washington (watched), Oregon (watched), Washington State, Stanford, Arizona State (watched), UCLA (watched)

Losses: Oregon State (watched), USC (watched)

Prediction Results: 6-3

Disappointments: Oregon State's loss was extremely disappointing. It's pretty hard to win a game when the quarterback refuses to look for receivers past the first down marker. The Beavers have a ton of wide receiver talent - and a good tight end - but they are going way too quickly to check down receivers; the line is giving the QB time. Arizona literally showed nothing redeeming in a loss to Iowa.

Surprises: If I have to read or hear one more comment about the monumental upset of Washington over USC I'll throw up. Seriously. Anyone who had watched the first two games for each of those teams wasn't that surprised at all. I'm sorry to say this national media (being one and all, for a different sport), but you miss the boat every time you insist this was an upset. All it shows is you don't do your homework. Is UW the third-best team in the Pac-10 now? Or second even, with Oregon, Oregon State, and USC all looking a little rocky? The real surprise of the Pac-10 on Saturday was Washington State winning a game. Frankly, I'm shocked.

AP, USA Today

Cal - 6, 6
USC - 12, 10
Washington - 24, 31
UCLA - 30, 33
Oregon - 32, 34
Oregon State - 38, 39

And for fun - Boise State - 8, 8

I really don't think Washington is the 24th-best team in the nation, but when you beat USC you get the benefit of the doubt. Plus, Washington has a legacy and it seems like a lot of people want it to come back - not enough to give the Huskies credit for being the better team on Saturday, but still. Oregon still doesn't deserve those votes.

Interconference: Here's a quick rundown of how the Pac-10 has done against the other major conference now that most of the conference is done with those games.

Big-10 – 3-1
ACC – 1-1
SEC – 1-1
Mountain West – 3-0
WAC – 3-2
Conference USA - 1-0
Big East - 0-1
Sun Belt - 1-0
Big 12 - 1-0

Overall, not bad. Here are the interconference games and dates still to be played.

9/26 - ASU @ Georgia (SEC)
10/3 - Washington @ Notre Dame (Independent)
10/17 - USC @ Notre Dame (Independent)
10/31 - Washington State @ Notre Dame (Independent)
11/28 - Notre Dame (Independent) @ Stanford

Notre Dame doesn't look so hot - which makes me happy, always. Nice to see the Pac-10 can put the golden domers in their place.

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