It's Been a Long Time...

...shouldn't have left you/without a dope beat to step to...

Whoops, sorry, music in my head - channeling Timbaland.

It's been over two weeks since I posted, and with good reason: Wifey and I were on vacation.

For us, this year, vacation was a quiet affair filled with day trips and visiting roughly every restaurant in Portland (only a slight exaggeration - you'll see). We had tons of fun, taking trips to Newport, Seattle, and Crater Lake, eating our way through downtown and the east side, reading and watching movies, taking in the start of the NFL season... And, of course, college football.

I took notes on it all so I wouldn't forget any wheres or whats, plus I'm going to attempt to post pictures from Crater Lake. I had never been there before; it's simply amazing/breathtaking/indescribable - but I'll attempt to do it justice. Let's just say if you live in Oregon and haven't been to the remnants of Mt. Mazama, the fact that it's 4.5 hours from Portland is no excuse. Literally, no excuse. Don't even try with me.

After taking some time to think a bit, to ponder what I was posting, I'm taking a step back and re-working this a bit. I don't want this simply to be food reviews - I'm not a qualified reviewer nor do I think it's all that interesting. And above all, I want this to be interesting. I'm still going to be doing food stuff, but it'll be a little different.

Plus, I noticed just about everything I posted was food related, which makes me out to be a pig who can't cook. The former may be somewhat true but the latter is not, though I will admit to occasional bouts of laziness in the kitchen. That's what food carts are for!

So there will be more of a melting pot of pieces from here on out. Some more hikes, more destination type things, and I will be adding some occasional college football stuff. I'm an Oregon Duck, Wifey is an Oregon State Beaver, but we get along on Saturdays - that's why we have the big screen. Again, you'll see what I do - but it will be geared around Saturdays sitting on the coach. I love sitting on the couch.

I'm going to introduce some mildly personal elements too. Nothing too personal, since this is the internet (nothing too helpful for those crazy people out there), but issues that to me are personal. For an example, I'm trying to lose a few more pounds, so there will be some talk around that.

I also have to get over a little writing thing for me. When I sit down and write something, I want it to be deep and complete, and with me that usually means 1,000 words or something like that. Which, of course, isn't necessary always. Or, sometimes it is but I don't want to spend that kind of time... I think there may be more, smaller posts in my future here.

And yes, I will discuss the vacation. I'll break it down into a bunch of pieces - but I won't leave much out. It was a general good time.

Of course, I get back to work today and after filtering through the 350 emails of worthless bits of information, I literally didn't miss much at all in two weeks. Shows how important I am in the grand scheme of things...

Stay tuned...I promise high quality stuff.

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