Pac-10 Football: 9/12 Aftermath

Wins: Oregon State (watched), Oregon, USC (watched), Cal, Washington, Arizona, UCLA (watched)

Losses: Stanford, Washington State

Disappointments: Oregon's close home loss to weak Purdue, (to me) USC barely beating Ohio State (nope, not a high opinion of the Big 10 here)

Surprises: UNLV putting OSU on edge with the spread offense and the backup QB, UCLA winning at Tennessee with a QB playing with a broken jaw

AP, USA Today

USC – 3, 3
Cal – 8, 7t
OSU – 28,24
UCLA – 30,36
Oregon – 38, N/A
Arizona – 39, 39

And, for fun:

Boise State – 10, 10

OSU is not getting enough love from the voters, but when you start the season unranked what do you expect? Haven't seen much of anything from the Zona schools. There shouldn't be one person in the nation who should be giving Oregon votes after this weak start to the season...

Oh, and one thing that needs to be added: We watched OSU and UNLV on something called CBS College Sports. The color guy, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila was giving quite a bit of love to the Mountain West Conference. That's not overly horrible, but it led to some, um, interesting remarks. No, James and Jacquizz Rodgers are nothing like the Kennedys. Seriously.

And why does the Mountain West have their own cable channel for their conference, but the Pac-10 does not? Just asking...

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