Widmer's Cherry Oak Doppelbock

I ran across a special release from Widmer a couple weeks back at New Seasons, something they call a Cherry Oak Doppelbock. It came in a box, so it stood out - nothing like snazzy packaging to catch my attention (take note of that vendors).

(I couldn't find info on Widmer's website about it, but I did run across this reprint of a press release announcing the brew.)

The press relase plays up the cherry flavor and oakiness of the brew, but that's not necessarily why I bought it. It sounded interesting, I had never had a doppelbock before, and the packaging was cool. Geez, that's like a trifecta. I actually had to look up doppelbock - here you go - and found out it's a sweeter beer with rich maltiness. That actually sounds pretty yummy.

I didn't really expect a cherry flavor. I've had a lot of beers and wines where I couldn't pick out a single one of the advertised flavors. That would be just my palate isn't refined enough, or maybe it's all a load of bull in the first place so they have something to put on the label other than "tastes like alcohol and will get you drunk!" Who knows.

When I popped the top on this bottle I was pleasantly surprised to get a clear aroma of cherries with a sweet background. I could literally pick out the oak, the malt, the cherry, and a couple other flavors as well (maybe vanilla?). Again, the pessimist in me didn't think I'd be able to taste them when I poured it in my glass, but I was pleasantly wrong there as well.

Not only could I taste the cherries with every swig, but they weren't overpowering at all and neither were any of the other flavors. The malt balanced everything so the cherry wasn't too tart and the oak wasn't too woody.

The bottle cost $7.99 for a 22 ounce bottle - not cheap but not necessarily overly expensive either. It was a good brew if you like a bit of fruit and a bit of sweet, both things I enjoy. I'd definitely buy it again.

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