Pac-10 Football: 11/28 Aftermath

Wins: Arizona, Washington, USC, Stanford ... Boise State

Losses: Arizona State, Washington State, UCLA

Prediction Results: 4-1

Season to Date: 49-13

Disappointments: Arizona State came so close to upsetting their cross-state rival - it was painful to watch the end of the game. With the score tied Arizona punted with plenty of time left for the Sun Devils to drive for the game-winning field goal. Instead, they muffed the fair catch call, Arizona recovered already in field goal range, and the game was over. Perhaps, actually, it was the proper end to Arizona State's season, a season of miscues, penalties, injuries, and disappointment. There is little doubt they have talent, so hopefully for their sake Dennis Erickson has something up his sleeve to make 2010 better.

Surprises: The fact the Arizona game was close wasn't a surprise, nor was the fact USC and Washington both authored blowouts in their rivalry games. But Notre Dame almost beating Stanford? That was a surprise for sure. What happened to the tough guy image of Stanford? Isn't this the team who grinds it out and runs you over? On offense they did that all day on Notre Dame...but they also gave up 38 points, tied for the third-most they have given up all season. The Irish have decent offense and just can't stop anyone, that's all true, but Stanford shouldn't have to just outscore teams. Actually, you know what? When your team gives up more than 34 or more points in a season five times, maybe you just aren't that good on defense. Coach Jim Harbaugh's image as a tough guy coach apparently only applies to Toby Gerhart's running game, because the D isn't that great.

Oh, and just a note - it would be nice if every commentator that does a Notre Dame doesn't openly root for the Irish. Brent Musberger.

AP, USA Today, BCS Rankings

Oregon - 7, 8, 7
Oregon State - 13, 16, 16
California - 19, 22, 19
USC - 20, 19, 18
Stanford - 23, 24, 24
Arizona - 29, 29, NR

Boise State - 6, 6, 6

Pac-10 Standings (Conference, Overall)

*Oregon - 7-1, 9-2
*Oregon State - 6-2, 8-3
*Stanford - 6-3, 8-4
*California - 5-3, 8-3
*USC - 5-3, 8-3
*Arizona - 5-3, 7-4
Washington - 3-5, 4-7
*UCLA - 3-6, 6-6
Arizona State - 2-7, 4-8
Washington State - 0-9, 1-11

*Bowl Eligible

There are three games left for Pac-10 teams: Oregon and Oregon State in the Civil War Thursday night, then Washington-Cal and Arizona-USC on Saturday.

The winner of the Civil War goes to the Rose Bowl - perhaps you have heard? Cal needs to beat Washington; if they don't, they could fall all the way down to a fifth-place tie with the loser of the USC-Arizona game. A win means they have a shot - maybe not a realistic one, but a shot - to go to the Holiday Bowl for second place in the Pac-10.

A loss in Civil War means Oregon could end up in the Sun Bowl, because despite a clear second place finish they went to the Holiday Bowl last year and that bowl has the right to choose someone else. A loss for Oregon State means falling into a second-place tie with Stanford, possibly Cal, and the winner of the Zona-USC game.

That pretty much lays out the stakes for the Zona-SC game. A win for SC means they will have a shot at the Holiday Bowl, and it's doubtful bowl officials would choose another team if SC is an option. A win for Zona means the Holiday choice will be wide open. A loss for either team means the Emerald Bowl (for fifth place) or the Poinsettia Bowl (for sixth place).

Stay tuned for posts leading up to Civil War...it's a wild week in Oregon!

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