Some Minor Blog Changes

Wanted to point a few things here, really quick. First, I added two new link groupings on the left side of the screen.

Below the Blog Archive, the first new one is called Key Topics. This is a list of links based on labelsI have used in the blog, some of my favorite things to talk about and the ones I write about most often. You can see what I like by how I ranked those - hmm...maybe football should be higher?

The third group of links is called Food by Location. I probably shouldn't have to explain this, but I have added labels to all my food-related blog posts with info on where the place is. This grouping of links is based on those labels. It's handy if you want to look up a specific part of the city or another town altogether.

The third change is the blog is now on Twitter, so you can follow to your heart's content.

Wait, you are saying, wasn't that Twitter posts box always there? Yes it was, but I decided to do something odd and open a second Twitter account. Why? Well, the first one I opened for professional reasons, as a means of connecting with readers of my other writing from all over, to talk about hoops. The vast majority of those are not in Portland, nor did they follow me to hear where I ate for lunch and whether or not it's good. I get that.

That's half the reason I opened the new Twitter account, where I can talk about the things this blog discusses to my heart's content. It's a great way to interact with some of the restaurants, food carts, and other NW-related people and places that are celebrated in the blog. I will also tweet blog posts, which was something I was loathe to do on the other account.

It's all online and people wanting to relate the two could do so it if they wanted/cared/had nothing better to do, but it's an attempt to keep the professional life and the slightly more personal life separate. Will it work? Who knows. We shall see.

Anyway, that's all the changes for now. Chances are you won't even notice. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

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