Pac-10 Football: 11/7 Games

There are some intriguing matchups this week in the Pac-10 and many of them look like they should be good games. Arizona, Stanford, and Oregon State can all get that all-important sixth win to become bowl-eligible this week (Oregon, USC, and Cal are already there).

Time - Game - Channel

12:30 - #7 Oregon @ Stanford - Fox Sports NW
12:30 - Washington State @ #21 Arizona - FCS (channel 300 on Verizon, not sure on other carriers)
12:30 - Washington @ UCLA - No TV?
4 - #34 Oregon State @ #23 California - Fox Sports NW
5 - #12 USC @ Arizona State - ABC

Friday - #5 Boise State @ Louisiana Tech - ESPN360.com

(Rankings are AP.)

Wow...once again I'm shocked at the idiocy of the TV planning. The 12:30 time slot on ABC has a Pac-10 game in it every week, but apparently not this one. This week it's a Big 10 special with Ohio State going to Penn State. I guess it might be a good game, but how many people on the West Coast would rather watch that? I'm gonna go with none, outside of Buckeye and Nittany Lion alums.

There are three of those FCS (Fox College Sports) channels (300, 301, 302 on Verizon) and at 12:30 on the 302 channel a college football game is slated, but as of now it's still TBA. However, according to the Huskies' own website, the game WILL be on TV on FCS - maybe it will be that 302 channel. So maybe. Tune in to be sure, if you would rather watch that game. Who knows?

I'll Be Watching: This week it will probably be just the Oregon game followed by the Oregon State game for me. I may check in on the other games from time to time - via internet from my phone probably - but they aren't even remotely good enough games to tear me away from Ducks and Beavers. Time permitting I may watch the end of the SC game.

Predictions: Stanford is a solid team, but they cannot keep up with a high octane offense. You won't stop Oregon, so you do have to outscore them. Ducks will take this one...I'm going to start not even mentioning Washington State - it's not even worth it. Zona will win by three touchdowns...Washington and UCLA may be one of the better matchups of the day, surprisingly enough. The Bruins are talented, they just either don't seem to realize it or it takes them forever to get into a game. That almost got them a win last week in Corvallis when the Beavers let their guard down for a few minutes, so the Huskies better be careful - if they can somehow get a lead in the first place. I'll take UCLA this week...OSU and Cal should be a fantastic matchup - who doesn't want to see Jahvid Best and Jacquizz Rodgers? I think the Beaver defense is finally coming into it's own and I think the Bears have been given too much benefit of the doubt in the polls - I'll take Oregon State in the upset...The Sun Devils don't have the horses to hang with USC, even on a down year for the Trojans - I'll take SC...Boise State - like it would be the other team.

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