Stuff On My Dog

Being a human, I find it absolutely hilarious to put things on my animals (check out the sites Stuff On My Mutt and Stuff On My Cat - it's a universal human addiction). Well, when I can - the cats don't really hold still for that, and sometimes when I do get something on them they tend to leave these long, leaking red marks on my arm.

Sera will actually throw herself into walls to get whatever it is off of her. In a related note, she doesn't wear a collar or go outside on one of our cat leashes (yes, cat leashes - another story).

Unfortunately for her, that just leaves Misaki. She's is a very patient puppy and allows us to put various items on her and then photograph them. Usually.

And now, for the entertainment of the entire internet, pictures of Stuff on Misaki!

This is Misaki wearing some Buff headware. Wifey and I each have one we bought to keep out necks warm when we go snowshoeing. Misaki looks quite fetching in it.

We continually refer to Misaki as our little princess (obviously I am King and Wifey is my Queen, so princess is the highest rank the pups can achieve). So what's this? Yep, it's a princess crown, just like the kind worn at beauty pageants. Misaki wasn't too thrilled about the idea.

And she also was not thrilled with wearing it. Aw, puppy, you look cute! Chin up for the camera! She did not want that thing anywhere near her ears and definitely didn't want to be immortalized. Not sure why.

Those of you who read my Pac-10 football articles from the 2010 season have seen a few different ones from this fashion shoot. She didn't seem real thrilled with the bandanna, either like this or with the larger piece on her back, but she's a gamer. And she likes the Beavers.

No Mickey Mouse ears. Just no. Take them off. Who doesn't like the world's most recognizable mouse? This puppy.

This is Misaki sporting some of Wifey's freshwater pearls. They'd probably look better in a color more of a contrast to her fur. It wasn't the light this time, you really could barely see them. One funny thing is we were convinced the strands would be way too big for her. Apparently not.

Misaki doesn't mind chilling on her blanket and watching a football game with us, but she's less than excited about getting involved in cheering. This Chad Johnson jersey fit her nicely and she did curl up and take a nap in it, but she wasn't happy about it. Check out the look on her face: "Seriously, you think this is funny? You guys are so lucky I'm so calm and patient. Less dogs would have eaten you already."

Now here's some real bling. She's wearing Wifey's diamond necklace, and wearing it quite proudly - it's like she knew it was a real rock. She let us put it on her and she strutted around the living room like she was walking a red carpet. Who knows puppy, maybe a few more blog photo shoots and Hollywood will give you the press a Shiba of your stature deserves. Just don't forget the little people - you know, the ones who fill your food dish.

As cool as the diamond was, Misaki loved this piece. She loved the larger heart hanging from the chain and the dark blue provided a nice contrast to the stark white fur of her chin and chest. No Shiba huffs here.


And there you have it, Misaki's 2011 Fashion and Jewelry Shows! No doubt I will be hearing a few huffs from her when she find out I posted all these pictures online.

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