Moochie Plays the Ham

If I followed Moochie around with a camera all day long, just about every resulting picture could tell it's own story. I may not be able to properly interpret that story because most of the time he's on another planet, but still...

So the other day Moochie is sitting on our laps (yes, both laps) while we watched TV, one elbow on Wifey's shin like he was bellying up to the bar and ordering a round of Four Horsemen or a Black and Tan. It was cute, so I grabbed the camera and just started clicking. He rarely sits still so every picture was different, especially with various zoom levels.

Then he yawned. And I clicked. And that's how the greatest picture of Moochie ever taken happened:

Moochie now, at age eight and a half.

Click on that one to make it fill your screen. Click it again to zoom to the max level. Check out those fangs! And not only the fangs, but those tiny teeth between them on his upper jaw - I'm not sure I've ever seen those before, let alone got a picture.

Moochie definitely doesn't look like anyone I'd buy a used car from.

But is this really the craziest Moochie picture? Check out this one below, from when he was still a kitten and not long after we brought him home. This one made a calendar we did a few years back.

Moochie as a kitten, less than a year old.

What was he doing? I have no idea. It looks like he's trying to clean his chest with his tongue...but I don't know.

He's a weird kitty.

Which pic is crazier? Vote in the comments!


  1. without hesitation, i vote for the second pic.

  2. They're both crazy! But I go with 2 as well.

  3. Ha! I this was all you ever saw of him, I'm guessing you would wonder if he was all there. Well, truth be told, I'm not totally sure he is. We love him anyway though. :)

  4. I'm gonna vote Moochie Now, but only because you expect this kind of lunacy of kittens. Still, it's a tough choice.

  5. So true Bill! There was plenty of kitten lunacy when Moochie and his sister were little. Actually, I'm not sure they ever grew out of it...