New Year's Resolutions

Generally I think New Year's resolutions are pretty lame. Whenever I'd done them before or seen them done they usually are full of things one person can't possibly do in a year, are so vague they can't possibly be defined as successful or not (maybe intentionally), or so broad in scope one person couldn't do a thing about it.

I'm talking the kinds of lists that start with "lose 100 pounds, change jobs, train for a marathon" and then go to "totally change my life" and end up at "initiate world peace and end world hunger." Yikes. Perspective people, perspective. I mean, seriously, if one is at a point in their life where a list of resolutions is necessary, are they really going to progress to solving problems on an international scale in 12 months? Talk about ambitious.

In my mind resolutions have to be something you want to do, it's just that perhaps it hasn't been a priority, which apparently means resolutions are nothing more than adjusting priorities. These lists tend to be long, too, which is silly because it's impossible to completely restructure one's life when the majority of the things in your life will not change.

Still have to work. Still have to pay the mortgage. Still have to feed the furry kids and clean the litter box.

The amount of time that can truly be spent on this new change in priorities really is finite, so the list should be finite as well.

This year I have two resolutions. However, I think resolution is the wrong term, because they are really goals. Resolution doesn't imply any sort of plan, just a statement saying you are going to do something. What's the point? Without plans things never get done; is it any wonder resolutions fail?

Goal #1 - Lose Weight

In all honesty this is on the list every year, but it's time to really be serious. Since all goals need a plan, here is mine:

1 - Exercise more
2 - Eat less crap
3 - Repeat

It really is that simple. I'm not going to put restrictions on it beyond that, because in all honesty none of that matters. If I do those three things (with the most emphasis placed on number three) I will lose weight, be healthier, and be happier with myself. It's not asking for a lot.

Eat out less. Walk the dog daily. Use the weights, treadmill, and elliptical machine. I've done this before and it's worked. I've lost 30 pounds of a planned 50 twice now - I see the numbers creeping up again. I've also maintained that weight loss for a period of more than six months, so I know I can do that. It's just the finishing part.

More exercise, less calories and fat in, balanced meals...weight loss isn't rocket science. Once one begins to think it is, to overthink things, that's when it gets all screwed up.

Goal #2 - Finish My Novel

Yep, finish it. Ha! You know what? That implies I'm close, like I only have a few chapters to do before I'm finished. Let's revise that one.

Goal #2 - Write My Novel

That's better, and more accurate wording. When you are like me and have only written a single chapter, the goal should be to "write" first, "finish" later.

Writing my novel is also easier than I'm making it out to be in my head - I just need to do it. My issue is being able to focus. I have this idea that I need to be able to live in the world of my novel all the time to do good work, which is absolutely impossible while working two jobs, being a good husband, and making sure the little ones get all the love and attention they need.

I need to accept the fact these are the constraints I work under, and take advantage of writing time when I have it.

Perhaps that should really be the goal - accept constraints.

So, two goals for 2011: get healthier and write. By the time December 31, 2011 rolls around, I fully expect to mark them both as complete.

And I put it on the internet, so it must be considered truth.

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