Misaki Endorses Nylabone

Misaki saw what happened when the kitties told the world how much they liked something, so now she wants to take a stab at it.

Some of her favorite things in the whole world are Nylabones. She has quite a few she has collected in a short time. Ruby liked them too, so when we found out we were getting Misaki we went shopping. Not entirely sure how much she would chew, we got here a couple different ones: The Flexi Chew and the Dura Chew.

As it turns out, she chews quite a bit. She nibbled that Flexi Chew up pretty quickly to where small pieces were coming off - we had to toss it because it couldn't stand up to her relentless jaws and we didn't want her swallowing the pieces.

One day we were at the pet store and Misaki picked out her own toy:

Seems fitting, "My Royal Princess." We're not kidding either. This toy was down at roughly nose level and she would not leave it alone until we bought it. From the second we brought it home it's been her favorite thing.

(The sound of teeth scraping on plastic...)

We bought her one of these dinosaurs as well, Dental Chews which are supposed to also clean their teeth a bit. She hasn't been as excited about that.


To replace the one she chewed up, we wanted to get her this ring because it was just the type of thing we thought she would like. See, she chews when she's bored, when we annoy her....so pretty much all the time she's not going on a walk.

Unfortunately the store I went to didn't have the ring in her size and we didn't think it was necessary for her to have the one for large dogs, since she is just a cute little pup. Instead, we bought her this.

At first she didn't seem too excited.

Now what did you get me that is probably lame?

Then she started to check it out.


How about a nice little nibble...

This isn't bad...

Pretty soon she was going to town on her new toy.




Apparently this was an acceptable purchase for the princess. She proceeded to chew on this bone for the next two hours nonstop and it's now part of the daily routine.

If you own a dog who likes to nibble and hasn't had a Nylabone, we - and Misaki - wholeheartedly recommend them.

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