Misaki Catches A Goose

Around here we seem to always have flocks of Canadian geese, either flying north or south or just simply hanging out on a layover. These geese honk like crazy as they fly overhead and congregate in normal goose hangout spots, like high schools and parking lots.

And when they honk, Misaki looks up. She watches these large birds as they gracefully float on the wind, no doubt wondering just what it would taste like grilled up in her food dish with a nice red wine reduction. And we tell her no, Misaki, that's not going to happen - you don't get to have alcohol. How about a nice goose gravy instead?

Today, though...one of them flew too low. Misaki waited, biding her time...

And waited...


Misaki: I Can Haz Goose!

Okay, so it's not a real goose. That would be a little odd, with her catching it in the living room and all. Still, she wasn't any less excited than if it was real. This stuffed goose makes a (rather loud) honking sound and crackles a tiny bit too. It took Misaki a few minutes to find the honker, but when she did...oh boy. It literally sounded like a gaggle of the creatures was in my living room.

No, Misaki, you cannot bring this to bed with you. (Bed is in our bedroom.)

We've actually been meaning to get her one these for awhile. At her old home at Sanshou Shibas there was a toy very similar to this one - a duck instead of a goose, I believe - she apparently loved a ton, even though it's really kind of big for her mouth. She carried that thing around and wanted to bring it to her new home, but she shared it with all of the Sanshou Shibas so Misaki had to give it up for the good of the group. What a good pack member!

But now... Now Misaki has an entire goose all to herself. And since it was a Christmas present, I guess that makes it the proverbial Christmas goose.

Here's a few more pictures of Misaki and her Christmas present.

Misaki: Oh my god! So damn awesome!

Misaki: Back off Moochie! I've got this goose intruder under control!

Misaki: I think the correct place to chomp the spinal column is right...here. Cool. Now I don't have to ask Dad to finish off my kill.

Misaki: You are welcome, world. I have slain the goose. And later, I will slay him again. And again tomorrow.

Merry Christmas pups! And hopefully everyone had a good holiday.


  1. Love the photos!! Such big teeth for such an elegant lady. ;-) I've seen these at the pet store up the street, we may have to reward his royalness with one!

  2. That's Kendall's favorite toy! We have to keep replacing it as the wings come off or the honker stops honking.

  3. We actually had no idea this guy would be that popular. It came in three sizes at PetSmart, so we got large. Might look a little big, but the medium one she'd be able to just eat. Wanted to get her the pheasant instead too, but figured she would like the thin neck on the goose so she could carry it around. :)

    Since Misaki and Zuko are about the same size, it seems perfect. :)

    And Gretchen, hopefully she doesn't get too destructive with it... Then again, she has been known to do impressive surgical operations on toys.

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