Moochie Wanted A Walk

Most of the time when we go to take Misaki for a walk the cats barely raise an eyebrow. Moochie and Sera have no desire to go outside and while Lilo would like to, they generally stay away from the front door.

Not the other day. I called Misaki over to put on her collar and leash. As usual, she took her time, but Moochie raced over, rubbing on legs and talking like a madman (this is normal for him). Misaki just shakes her head and huffs at him.

Then I had this great idea - why not put the collar on Moochie? I had no idea if he would go for it, but I told Wifey to grab the camera, just in case. The next time he rubbed on my shin I dropped the collar over his head (the collar is way bigger than his head).

At first he seemed a little surprised.

It wasn't Moochie's first experience with a leash. We actually bought cat harnesses and leads for him and Sera way back when we first got them. Moochie doesn't mind the harness, but he doesn't do well being led around by the leash, even just in the backyard - he still goes where he wants. Sera...well, we got the harness on her a couple times - yes, blood was drawn - and she freaked out, throwing her body around the room and bouncing off walls until we finally took it off. Lilo loves it.

Then Misaki had to come over and check out what was going on. After all, it was her leash. She kept sniffing and sniffing at the leash and at Moochie.

Mooch decided to walk around a bit. The weight of the collar didn't seem to bother him too much, but then again he's an 18-pound beast of a Bengal cat. Everywhere he went Misaki shadowed him.

This is Misaki finally very, very concerned. She was told we were taking her for a walk, and now the cat is wearing her collar and leash and she isn't going anywhere. I believe she is trying to work her Shiba Mind Control on Moochie to take off the collar.

Right after the previous picture, he just about did. I didn't have a tight hold on the Flexi-lead - just enough to guide him because I didn't want to yank on his neck. Cats, as those of you that have had them probably know, aren't very receptive to being tugged on.

I'm not quite sure what happened, but Moochie suddenly freaked out and took off, yanking the Flexi out of my hand. The handle hit Wifey in the leg, bounced around the couch and off the glass side table, hit the wall, and finally wrapped itself around a chair leg as Moochie ran for refuge by his scratching post.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but his tail is fluffed out huge - you could have cleaned a bottle with that thing.

After he calmed down I took the collar off of him and he was fine. Misaki huffed like crazy though, because she didn't appreciate her collar being shared with her little bro.

So if you ever get bored and have a cat, throw a leash on him and see what happens. Have your camera ready.


  1. Haha what great pictures! In the picture where Misaki is Shiba Mind Controlling Moochie, I can feel the glare blasting out from my computer screen.

  2. Just imagine how it feels when she gives it to you from inches away - it's painful! :)