2011 Pacific-12 Football: Week 1

It's college football season again. Finally. Actually, it doesn't even seem like it is time for the season to begin, not with the Portland weather forecast for Saturday to hit 90 degrees. 

I don't plan to get too crazy with the football on the blog this year (and yes, I did say that last year, didn't I?). This year it will be one post per week, with the schedule, TV (for the Portland area), and predictions. Last year my predictions ended up 60-21 including the bowl season, so my goal in 2011 is to beat that. (Note: picks are straight up, not against any line.)

Occasionally I may write more if I feel inspired, but I won't force myself. I have a book to revise, after all.

So here you go, Week One of the new Pacific-12 Conference! Yep, 12 - can't forget a warm welcome to the conference for the University of Utah Utes and University of Colorado Buffaloes. Oh, and that the conference is split between North and South now, with a conference championship game in December.

Now, if that conference TV network could just get going yesterday, we'd be all good.


5pm - Montana State at Utah - No TV - UTAH
7pm - UC Davis at ASU - No TV - ASU


12:30pm - UCLA at Houston - ROOT (formerly FSNW) - HOUSTON
12:30pm - Minnesota at USC - ABC - USC
1pm - Sac State at OSU - No TV (Beaver Online) - OSU
2pm - Idaho State at Wazzu - No TV - WAZZU
2pm - SJSU at Stanford - No TV - STANFORD
4pm - Fresno State at Cal - No TV - CAL
4pm - Eastern Washington at Washington - ROOT - WASHINGTON
5pm - Oregon at LSU - ABC - OREGON
7pm - Northern Arizona at Arizona - Fox College Sports - ZONA
7:15pm - Colorado at Hawaii - ESPN2 - HAWAII

Who do you pick?


  1. Your picks look good to me. I may have gone with LSU before all the scandals, but not anymore.

    Who do you like in Boise State vs (really at, but supposedly neutral ground) Georgia?

  2. I think it will be a very good game, LSU-UO. But I'm a Duck, so there you go - maybe I'm not the most unbiased. :)

    If this were the end of the year I'd take Boise, but they have some new players at some key positions. I'm not overly sold on Georgia, but I think they have the edge this time.

  3. And this is why I don't ever wager on games. :)