2011 NW Shibas 4 Life Annual Picnic

A couple weeks back NW Shibas 4 Life had their annual picnic and we, of course, took Misaki to play with all the other Shibas. Somehow I have neglected to post pictures of the event, so it's time to rectify that.

An unknown black and tan Shiba. 

Running around their two-acre field on a hot day wears out a Shiba.

This is Koda, a creme Shiba.

Misaki checking out a mole hill. (She had something to say about that.)

Cuddling up to her momma. (She had something to say about this, too.)

Mugen is the red and white Shiba with the ball in his mouth. I think the other is Abbey.

Two Shibas playing.

Misaki and a sesame Shiba named Joey.

This Aizu, one of Misaki's sons is from her second litter.

Misaki and Cookie, a very timid little girl.

This is Jewel, the official hostess of NW Shibas 4 Life.

A Shiba checking out some scattered debris.

Eight Shibas in one picture! Pretty proud of myself.

Misaki sniffing Aizu.

Abbey with a softball. She and Misaki didn't growl at each other, which is a win in my book

Misaki sniffing the stump with Abbey and a another Shiba.

Misaki had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back!

We encourage those who would like to support NW Shibas 4 Life. They sell a calendar annually and the proceeds go directly to their Shiba rescue program. You can order one here.


  1. nice! I envy those who have the guts to do shiba meet ups. Between the snarking and the attempts at running away, I'd get an ulcer!!

  2. At least at NW Shibas 4 Life running away is not an option - the entire field has a very good six-foot fence, and the only exit has a double gate. They COULD get out, but they'd definitely need help. Or they'd have to work together, which we know Shibas are way too independent to do. :)

    There were a couple little fights, but nothing crazy. For us, we normally don't have to worry about it since Misaki - being eight - doesn't really want to wrestle around with the younger dogs. She likes to be around, but stays on the fringe and watches - like a mother. :)