No, My Dog Is Not For Sale

Yesterday Wifey and I took Misaki for a walk around the neighborhood and to the local park, like we try and do daily. Usually we don't run into anyone, but on this day there were three girls, probably about 9-13 (I'm horrible at estimating, so give that a +/- of 5), who saw her from the other side of the street.

We could hear them talking about Misaki from a ways away, with one of them saying "That looks like a fox!" and then another one saying the same thing.

"I already said that."

Oh lord. Predictably the girls crossed the street and then asked if they could pet Misaki. At least they asked first. The following conversation actually happened.

Girl 1: Your dog looks like a fox!
I just smiled.
Girl 2: Can we pet your dog?
Girl 3: Can we pet your fox?
Me: Sure, you can pet her.
Girl 1: Wait, is it really a fox?!
Me, incredulous: No, she's a dog.

Quick aside: How many suburbanites have ever seen a fox? I'm guessing not many at all. Yet still, every time we go out people crack jokes about how Misaki looks like a fox. Really? Could you pick a fox out of a lineup of Shibas? Where do people run across foxes in everyday life? I grew up in a rural area outside of Portland and saw a fox exactly once, early on a very cold morning, and even then it was in a field far away from people. I blame Disney.

They pet her, oohing and ahhing. Misaki loves the attention, gladly allowing herself to be loved up by three erratic young girls at the same time. One of them, the youngest I think, put her face up to Misaki's muzzle and looked her straight in the eye, which was right about the time we decided it was time to go. Apparently no one has ever taught these girls how to be around a dog. Hell, I wouldn't do that with most dogs ever, let alone dogs I don't know. (Misaki I do, but she's the sweetest thing ever.)

Then the following exchange also really happened.

Girl 2: Can I buy your dog? This is my new dog.
Me: Um, no...
Girl 2: How much would you sell your dog for? I'll buy your dog.
Me, getting the hell out of there: She's not for sale

First off, crazy girl, you can't afford her. I'm pretty sure you don't have a million dollars socked away in a drawer. Secondly, who DOES that? Just tries to buy a dog from someone off the street?

I suppose I could blame the parents, but I don't think I can because they probably don't know any better. Hard to teach something to kids you don't understand or do yourself, I'm guessing (I don't have kids, so I'm hardly a reliable resource on the subject). The parents would probably do the same thing in the same situation.

So someone, somewhere, at some point decided this was acceptable practice. That person is insane.

Yes, you can pet my dog. She's a sweetheart. If she weren't, I'd tell you no (we usually told people no with Ruby). Please keep your face away from hers.

And don't ask me is she's for sale or intimate in any way you want to take her. That's rude...and really, really creepy.


  1. That's really creepy. Maybe Misaki needs a bandana that says "I am not for sale."

  2. Ha! That might be a good idea. :) Might also need to say "I'm a girl" since the pink collar and leash don't seem to be enough for people. :)

  3. Oh man, I get people every day that ask "what kind of dogs are those," and ask where they can get one, if mine are for sale, and that our black and tan (at night) "looks like a raccoon. I thought you were raising raccoons up in there!" We live in a busy city, but still. People.

  4. There has to be a reason Shibas are only compared to mischievous animals like foxes and raccoons, but I have no idea what it could be...

  5. Saya my B&T shiba is mistaken for a husky puppy or husky mix.

    I can't believe some kids asked if your dog was for sale weird kids.

  6. hey, great blog! i have a Jap Spitz but i really admire Shibas.

  7. WHOA! I get the fox thing daily, but never do they go as far as asking to buy Knox! That's insane!!