Misaki Meets Her Son

Every once awhile NW Shibas4Life has a meetup at their place as a fundraiser. For a fee Shibas (and their families) can come out and run in their two-acre, well-secured field. There was treats for Shibas and people, plus this time the Shibas who signed up received 10-minute massages from a certified pet massage therapist.

We thought it was a great idea, so we took Misaki to meet other Shibas (plus, her son from her last litter was also going!) and get her run on. The first thing she did was check out the perimeter of the field. On her own - she didn't need our help for that.

And then she did it at least three more times. Needless to say, by the end of the day both her and us were pretty tired.

Next door to their field was a home that had a chicken wandering around. Misaki wanted that chicken. Well, that and the tall, lush grass. That's the perfect meal for her.

We took her inside for her massage. She let the masseuse rub her all up with no problem, but I'm honestly not very convinced it's any different than a good deep tissue petting. Either way, Misaki just loves having people worship her.

We played a little fetch, which after a couple runs turned into "people throw the ball, Misaki runs to the spot, and then waits for the people to catch up." She loved being able to run so much. I feel bad - our yard is only a tiny fraction this size and she doesn't really run much.

We also met Jewel, who lives at Shibas4Life. She came from a backyard breeder who didn't treat her hind leg when it got wrapped in chicken wire, deeming her unworthy of care, and when she finally got out of there and received medical attention her leg had to be removed. She runs with all the other Shibas with no issues, even if she isn't quite as fast. Jewel is also tiny and low to the ground, and with her light spotting on her back really does look like a fox.

Misaki's son, Aizu, was already there when we arrived. They sniffed each other, but didn't really seem to make any kind of special connection. Me, I'm just glad she didn't growl at him. That would have been kind of rude.

This is the only picture we got with them in the same frame. Aizu is quite the runner and was all over the place. Both of them seemed to like their own space, though Aizu did wrestle a little bit with some other, younger Shibas.

Face shot of Aizu. Can you see the resemblance to Misaki?

Aizu has one of the double-curl Shiba tails that looks like it's a curled up bowl of soft serve ice cream. Apparently that came from his dad's side.

Here is a bonus picture of Aizu, tearing the stuffing out of a toy with great glee. Misaki was quite proud of him, because it's something she likes to do as well.

All in all a great afternoon. We'll absolutely be heading out again the next time NW Shibas4Life hosts an event.

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