Bengal Fight: A Pictorial

There is a lot of feline-on-feline violence in this household, but for the humans it's pretty damn entertaining. Most of the time we can't capture it on film because we just never know when it will happen, and by the time we grab the camera the cats are either interested in what we are doing or have already pissed each other off enough to run off.

The other day I managed to get some fight digitized. In retrospect grabbing video would have been better, but the pictures turned out okay.

This fight stars Moochie and Lilo, the two spotted Bengals. Since Sera was not involved no claws were used and no blood was rendered. Moochie is the larger one, at about 19 pounds over twice Lilo's size. Still, she doesn't back down.

The scene was on top of this cardboard box that shipped me a new dry erase board for the office. Our cats love the cardboard, and this just happened to be right next to the couch. The glass edge in each picture is the from a side table where the camera usually rests. I tried not to move too much while getting in position so as not to distract them.

Take it away Moochie and Lilo!

Lilo was on the cardboard first, but Moochie decided she needed company. Lilo was not pleased by this decision.

Aren't those spots on Lilo's belly cute?

Moochie is significantly stronger than Lilo and it only takes one paw to put her in her place.

Despite the size difference Lilo has no compunction about clocking Moochie in the side of the head.

Feinting is a key talent in the Bengal fight. Here Moochie is feeling her out, like a boxer throwing jabs that aren't necessarily meant to do any actual damage.

Lilo attacks! Check out the look on Moochie's face as he gets smacked.

Moochie and Lilo may not use claws when they fight (Lilo doesn't have any and Moochie seems to understand this), but biting is routine.

Now Moochie is getting a little fed up and going on the offensive. Check out Lilo backing up, losing her place on the cardboard.

But she won't back down easily. Here Lilo rises up on her back legs to use both front paws to smack at Moochie.

That last move by Lilo was the winning one. Moochie backed off and left, leaving Lilo as the Queen of the Cardboard. For now.

Just another day in the MyNWX household, full of violence and wrestling for control.


  1. Such gorgeous kitties! Thanks for the pictorial!


  2. Glad you guys enjoyed it. Next time, video, I promise. :)